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By road, rail and air. Above and below the ground, RIB solutions establish reliable connections long before projects are completed. Similarly, in infrastructure management RIB links the data and information of all those participating in the design and the execution of the project: supported by transparent object-oriented design processing and the RIB's cost management system.


Case Studies

Birse Rail

"We consider RIB CSuite to be an essential tool for effective cost management. It has enabled us to improve the accuracy of our cost estimates and cost models and to increase commercial controls for a range of maintenance and repair projects stretching from London to the Scottish Borders." Rob Offord - Finance Director - Birse Rail   more

Deyle GmbH

"We've had extremely good experience of STRATIS. The software package not only allows efficient processing of profiles and plans, but enables the creation of digital ground models, execution of basic surveying tasks, determination of quantities and management of infrastructure data." Bernhard Beinlich - Project Engineer - Deyle GmbH   more

Eurovia Beton GmbH

"Noise is becoming more and more of a pollution factor. RIB Software's infrastructure management software solution, STRATIS, is supporting our construction projects for active environmental noise protection." Torsten Macko - Manager - Eurovia Beton GmbH  more

Fraport AG

"Our two systems of SAP R/3 and RIB CSuite make a great team. I don't know of any better system." Michael Speidel - Systems Manager, Construction and Project Department - Fraport AG  more

KAPPIS Ingenieure

The irrigation of a new 22-kilometre section of motorway close to the Swiss border at Weil am Rhein has been given a total time frame of three years. Project teams of three companies have taken on this challenge, as the schedule is tight even if outsiders think differently.  more


RIB's STRATIS software supported our project from start to finish," declares Bernhard Müller. Whether for importing external data from the structural engineers, calculating the mass-spring elements (MSE) and using the STRATIS 3D Model Design. more

Leonhard Weiss GmbH & Co

"The standardised system allows processes to be controlled centrally. It also enables more efficient administration and higher quality standards. Through an ongoing programme of training for our staff, we can continue to exploit the extensive potential of the software and secure significant competitive advantage." Mark Hoffmann - Manager, RIB CSuite - Leonhard Weiss GmbH & Co  more

Mühlbauer Bau GmbH

"We really appreciate the efficient interaction between cost accounting and cost management that RIB's systems provide. We no longer have the problem of reconciling accounting software with our costing solution." Thomas Hohmann - Business Manager - Mühlbauer Bau GmbH  more


Network Rail

"The successful implementation of RIB CSuite as a key component of our strategic Investment Management Systems Programme has enabled us to provide an effective cost estimating service to our internal and external customers." John Stretch - Head of Estimating - Major Projects & Investment (MP&I) - Network Rail  more



"RIB CSuite is playing a key role in reducing inefficiency, waste and re-work that have plagued the construction industry for far too long." Dick Barker - Managing Director - Privica  more

Westinghouse Rail Systems

"We consider RIB CSuite to be an essential tool for effective cost management on our projects. It has enabled us to improve the accuracy of our cost estimates and cost models throughout the pre-contract phase." Iain Cameron - Head of Project Management Process and Planning - Westinghouse Rail Systems  more

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