Public and Government Sector

Public and Government Sector

Working as Partners

Smooth cooperation between industry and the public sector is essential for project success. That's why RIB's software solutions, whether for project planning or cost estimating and cost management in the execution phase, are just as carefully optimised for the public sector as for industrial enterprises. For infrastructure and construction projects, RIB offers internationally recognised data exchange facilities such as LAND-XML or IFC. Dovetailing with commercial tasks in the public sector is also guaranteed with a link-up to ArcGIS.

Case Studies

Augsburg State Building Department

"One of the most important features of STRATIS® is the scope of its application which is continually being extended. For example, the features of the new roundabout wizard are so user-friendly that we have reduced the time needed to design a roundabout many times over." Bernhard Wagner - Chief Superintendent Engineer - Augsburg State Building Department  more

KAPPIS Ingenieure

The irrigation of a new 22-kilometre section of motorway close to the Swiss border at Weil am Rhein has been given a total time frame of three years. Project teams of three companies have taken on this challenge, as the schedule is tight even if outsiders think differently.  more