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The Privica group of companies provide niche products and services to the building construction industry. A combination of state-of-the-art, web-based construction modelling technology, innovative new products and practical, hands-on construction experience gives Privica a unique, competitive edge.
The driving force behind Privica is a team of project managers, engineers, quantity surveyors, cost estimators, computer-aided design (CAD) technicians and software engineers whose specialist knowledge and expertise spans the commercial building, civil infrastructure, education, healthcare, public buildings, residential, transport and water market sectors.

Privica's niche offering is based on developing new and more efficient ways of working that address the changing needs of the construction industry. This innovative approach includes the application of leading-edge information technology (IT) to increase the speed and efficiency of bill production and cost estimation.

To complement its growing portfolio of services, Privica has entered into a series of strategic IT partnerships with global leaders in their respective fields. RIB Software has been selected by Privica as its preferred partner for the development of its cost estimating and cost management capabilities.


Privica has embraced leading-edge IT to generate significant time and cost savings on a wide range of civil infrastructure and buildings projects throughout the UK.

By creating a direct link between RIB CSuite and three-dimensional (3D) design software, Privica has developed fully interactive, 3D models that can generate accurate, comprehensive bills of quantities in less than half the time taken by conventional methods.A growing portfolio of projects are benefiting from this innovative approach.

Such projects include the upgrading of storm sewage overflow facilities at a water treatment works as part of the water industry's nationwide asset management programme; quantification of extensive repairs to a significant stretch of motorway requiring the replacement of surface materials; a new schools project in Yorkshire; and an eight-storey apartment block in Manchester.

For each of these projects, Privica is automatically generating fast, timely bills of quantities, eliminating waste, improving efficiency and leading to significant cost savings.


"The integration of RIB CSuite into our work processes has allowed us to generate fast, accurate bills of quantities for major construction projects whilst significantly improving efficiency and speed of response."

"RIB's web-enabled software is secure, easy to use and offers massive functionality. By utilising RIB CSuite in combination with other market-leading software products, we have been able to gain a much better understanding of project costs. For example, we are now able to quickly quantify the impact of the cost of changes during design development while there is still time to influence the decision-making process. Historically, it's often too late to do something about it!"

"RIB CSuite is playing a key role in reducing inefficiency, waste and re-work that have plagued the construction industry for far too long."

Dick Barker
Managing Director

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