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The TECO Schallschutz branch has been using RIB software solutions for over 10 years.
Eurovia Beton GmbH has already fitted many noise protection walls within the framework of the Noise Protection Innovation Society.


Operating primarily in Europe and North America, Eurovia, a subsidiary of the VINCI Group, is a world leader in construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure with 38,500 employees working in nearly 1,000 industrial and commercial entities in 16 countries.

To complement its core activity of building and maintaining roads, Eurovia specialises in blending infrastructure into its urban and rural setting, developing quality of life and protecting the natural environment.

TECO Schallschutz (TECO Sound Protection) is a business unit of Eurovia''s German-based concrete business, Eurovia Beton GmbH. TECO specialises in the development, production and assembly of noise protection walls - from aluminium, wood, glass, reinforced concrete, transparent plastic or brick - for roads and railway lines. Based in the town of Peine in Lower Saxony, Germany, the company has installed over 2,000,000 square metres of noise protection elements.

Eurovia Beton GmbH has relied on RIB's unique road construction and civil engineering software, STRATIS, a highly intelligent, object-orientated system, for more than 30 years.


Eurovia introduced STRATIS software to its TECO Schallschutz branch in 1997 since which time it has been used for the innovative design of noise protection barriers.

TECO's design engineers have to comply with fixed regulations for the building of noise protection walls - for example, the exact height or distance from the edge of the road.

Surveying data calculated in STRATIS is transmitted via a DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) or DWG (Drawing File Format) file converter to a Bentley MicroStation CAD system. Working closely with RIBs technical consultants, TECO has developed a bespoke software solution for transmitting the noise protection wall surveying data. This special development gives TECO a specific solution that can be tailored exactly to the individual requirements of its customers. In addition, the solution is not just confined to the MicroStation used by TECO, but can also be adapted for use with any other CAD software system.

One of Eurovia's award-winning projects in the rail sector was the retrofitting of noise protection material along railway lines in Helmstadt. Commissioned by Deutsche Bahn Netz AG, the rail infrastructure subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail), the company erected 1,170 metres of noise protection elements in an extremely small space between the track and existing housing. The project was another example where RIB's software solution for infrastructure management proved invaluable in calculating basic surveying data.


"We have developed a software tool specifically for section and overview drawings. This special tool enables flawless exchange of data between the two solutions by drawing the finished noise protection walls in our CAD system on the basis of data transferred from STRATIS®".

"Together with RIB's> technical specialists, our in-house engineering office is responding to the challenges of reducing environmental noise pollution to a tolerable level."

Bernd Methner
Manager, Technical Office
TECO Schallschutz

"Noise is becoming more and more of a pollution factor. RIB Software's infrastructure management software solution, STRATIS®, is supporting our construction projects for active environmental noise protection."

Torsten Macko
Eurovia Beton GmbH.

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