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Special care is needed for track building work in prominent locations.
Track building projects have to be run flexibly and without losing any time.


Munich-based Mühlbauer Bau GmbH is one of Germany's leading building and construction contractors specialising in cable and railtrack engineering, sewage and pipeline engineering and road design and paving. The company offers single-source solutions and services from pre-contracting through to operations scheduling and final project documentation.

Founded in 1929, the Bavarian company has amassed a wealth of experience on a wide variety of complex projects in the civil and rail infrastructure sectors throughout Germany.

The nature of its business means that Mühlbauer Bau has to react swiftly to constantly changing market conditions, regarding this as an opportunity for further development and continuous growth. To maintain its competitive edge, the company relies on the support of modern IT systems. For many years, it used MOSES software. Following the acquisition of MOSES by RIB Software, Mühlbauer Bau was faced with a decision whether to change supplier or build a new relationship with RIB.

The company needed a software solution where all its systems speak the same language with no interruptions to data flow. The solution also had to meet the commercial and technical requirements of the construction industry as well as special aspects of its business.


The selection of RIB Software's cost management system RIB CSuite combined with RIB's powerful financial system RIB FSuite is providing the framework for Mühlbauer Bau to respond to the growing pressure of deadlines and costs with streamlined project control and cost management. With close co-operation between all parties, the switchover from the MOSES system to RIB was achieved in a matter of days with all master data transferred within two days.

One of Mühlbauer Bau's most challenging projects was the laying of tramway lines in Munich's Maximilianstrasse, an exclusive boulevard in the city known for its designer shops, luxury boutiques, jewellery stores and leading hotels. Speed of execution whilst controlling project costs was critical to ensure that the work was completed with the minimum of disruption to the general public.

The combination of RIB CSuite and RIB FSuite provided all the applications necessary for Mühlbauer Bau's project team. Commercial management was achieved with RIB FSuite and RIB CSuite provided the tools for drawing up quotations and processing orders.

With RIB's user-friendly interfaces, the familiarisation phase for the project team was brief enabling site managers to call up key information from the system for themselves rather than relying on administrative staff. The resultant benefits were significant. With one look at the system, site managers were able to gain a holistic view of the entire project facilitating the delegation of tasks and contributing to sizeable savings in time and cost.


"We really appreciate the efficient interaction between cost accounting and cost management that RIB's systems provide. We no longer have the problem of reconciling accounting software with our costing solution. The switchover from the MOSES system to RIB Software has solved our interface problems, whilst providing an opportunity to update our master data."

"Since the introduction of RIB CSuite and RIB FSuite, several of our site managers have been using accounting components for the first time. With the information they obtain, they are managing the cost of their building projects themselves and keeping expenditure in check."

Thomas Hohmann
Business Manager
Mühlbauer Bau GmbH

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