Fraport AG - Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in Germany

Case Study

Fraport is developing its new Northwest Runway with SAP compatible Construction Cost Management System RIB CSuite from RIB.
Frankfurt Airport is bursting at its seams. The Construction department of Fraport AG is therefore in the process of constructing a new runway with a new terminal and hangar.


Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide is the operator of Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in Germany and the third largest in Europe. The airport, which covers an area of 19 square kilometres, is located 12 kilometres from Frankfurt city centre and is an important hub for international flights from around the world. Fraport employs a total workforce of over 62,000 making the company the largest local employer in Germany.

Frankfurt Airport is a hub of Lufthansa, the German national carrier, and serves 265 non-stop destinations worldwide. In terms of passenger traffic, Frankfurt is third in Europe, behind London's Heathrow Airport and Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport.

At peak travelling times, the airport regularly reaches its maximum capacity. Therefore, plans are underway to expand Frankfurt Airport with a fourth runway and associated infrastructure.

To manage the project, Fraport's Construction and Project Department was seeking a specific construction cost management solution that would integrate seamlessly with its existing client/server-based SAP R/3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) software environment.

Fraport commissioned a detailed technical evaluation of leading packages available in the market, engaging professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers to perform a thorough market analysis. The evaluation led to Fraport's selection of RIB Software's proven cost management system, RIB Construction Suite.


The proposed €3.3 billion expansion of Frankfurt Airport by Fraport focuses on three main areas:

  • construction of a new Northwest Runway for landings, including two taxiing bridges over the motorway
  • construction of an additional passenger terminal and associated facilities in the southern area of the airport to increase its current 56 million passenger per year capacity by 25 million
  • construction of a new maintenance hangar for the Superjumbo Airbus A380, the largest passenger airliner in the world.

During the detailed planning and approval process for the new runway, for which three variants were examined for geographical and environmental compatibility, five consulting companies were engaged by Fraport's 200-strong Construction and Project Department. A further 30 consultancies could be involved during the life-cycle of the extension phase through to 2015, demonstrating the particular needs that the construction cost management system has to fulfil.

For the development of Bills of Quantities, assets are valued and assigned to different cost owners (for example, maintenance and investment). Using cost group catalogues, RIB Construction Suite ensures that items do not have to be split for procurement, leaving estimators and surveyors free to perform their own specific tasks.

RIB Construction Suite automatically transfers the book-keeping requirements of asset management to SAP. The integrated system simplifies the cost value reconciliation process and provides a solid basis for planning, especially liquidity planning.

The introduction of RIB Construction Suite and its seamless integration with Fraport's existing SAP R/3 software is enabling the construction of the airport's expansion programme to progress more efficiently and economically than before.


"We recognised that a link between SAP R/3 and RIB Construction Suite would be extremely beneficial to Fraport. Therefore, the combined SAP and RIB systems were evaluated as a test case for the business transactions involved in a major construction project."

"This allowed us to assess and confirm the technical and organisational feasibility. We found that RIB Construction Suite supported the management process perfectly, allowing us to deliver value reports quickly and efficiently to key financial market players."

Harald Pitz
Construction Control Manager, Construction and Project Department
Fraport AG

"RIB Softwares many years of experience in the construction industry and the proven ability of RIB Construction Suite were decisive factors in our selection process. Fraport can now boast with justification that it operates a modern and powerful construction project management system. Our two systems of SAP R/3 and RIB Construction Suite make a great team. I don't know of any better system."

Michael Speidel
Systems Manager, Construction and Project Department
Fraport AG


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